In this fleeting life, there is nothing stronger than a visual idea or moment stopped in time forever. And nothing does this better than a black-and-white photograph.
— Richard Olsenius, National Geographic Photography Field Guide: Digital Black & White


  • Intern for the Photography Department at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky
  • Director of Photography for Junior State of America
  • Photographer for the Paige Stevens for Mayor Campaign
  • Photographed dozens of senior portraits
  • Public Relations Intern for the United Planning Organization


Get to know me...


Photography is a passion of mine. I believe in capturing the true you and having a lot of fun along the way.

Based in Central Kentucky, I have learned to use the beautiful scenery all around us as the perfect backdrop for my photos. I believe in real photography. No over-editing or fake smiles allowed!

Every photoshoot is an adventure. Every client is an opportunity to build friendship.  Photography isn't about posing for photos, it is about capturing a life.


Emma Jackson